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Giving Hand for Nepal

May 2015 – June 2015

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In April 2015, Nepal had experienced a severe earthquake which killed 9,000 people and injured 22,000 people. Many buildings were destroyed, business and institution activities were disrupted. Our group of more than 20 students in Foothill College gathered and created a committee to raise fund for Nepal. As student, we understand deeply the important of education and its impact to our life – especially at the young age. Our target was to raise enough funding to provide school supplies for 12 primary schools in Nepal.

In six weeks, we managed to organize 13 events with the support of Tamang non-profit organization, Associate Student of Foothill College (ASFC), Foothill Music Club, Foothill College We Care Club, Foothill College International Student Office, Foothill College staff and students. A fund of $3,000 was raised at the result. Foothill College’s students and Tamang Organization had worked together to deliver the fund to Nepal, buy and distribute school supplies for 12 primary schools.

My role as the Lead of the committee and Civic Engagement Liaison of ASFC include:

  • Engaged student government with committees events for process approval  and sponsorship
  • Hosted weekly meeting to update events’ timeline and assign tasks for members
  • Constantly evaluated timeline, resource and budget for project to manage project scopes and expenses
  • Communicated with college and club leads, staff and members to develop logistic plan for events and make arrangement