Data Integration with Workday

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Understand the process of data integration between different platforms. Apply web service to transfer data from CSV file into Workday tenant

Oxygen Editor, Soap UI, Workday Web Service, Microsoft Excel, Notepad++, Slack, Zoom

Programming language:

Edwin Cheung
Patrick Chesbro
Rose Hoang
Clarrisa Kusumonegoro
Jessica Li
Christopher McCullough

About the project:       
Cal Poly collaborates with Workday to provide this senior project for BIS students. Our bi-weekly lectures instructed by Workday staff introduced the concept of APIs and get us through the steps of data integration. Our team members worked together to gather requirements, figure out the usage of tools and transfer more than 20 new-hired into Workday tenant. At the end of the course, we presented the process and deliverable to Workday staff.

Workday Presentation